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Obirame Restoration Group
Members of Obirame Restoration Group. May 6, 2021 at Arishima Pond.

Obirame Restoration Group contemplates the future of the Shiribetsu River.

OBIRAME is the southernmost population of Japanese huchen in the world live in the Shiribetsu River running leisurely around Mt.Yotei, in Hokkaido Japan. Masters often used to get great OBIRAMEs over 1 meter long in the river. However, today as the the rapid destruction of the natural environment, the population is facing extinction. In 1996, some of local masters and researchers organized OBIRAME restoration group as nonprofit organization. They aim to take risks away the population, and to break up themselves till 2030. OBIRAME is a local name of Japanese huchen (Parahucho perryi) by fishers. They say it’s the word indigenous AINU origin.

Establised April 1996
Chair Toshihiko Yoshioka
Vice-chair Toshio Yamane
Secretary-general Hiroshi Kawamura
adress 048-1511 Niseko 315-198, Niseko Town, Hokkaido Japan
cellphone +81 090 8279 8605