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date h4 2021/12/28

passaging through the Shiribetsu River.

Obirame no kai / Obirame Restoration Group in Shiribetsu River
KUSAJIMA Seisaku / chairman
office / Restaurant "RISE", Fujimi Niseko-cho,Hokkaido tel 0136-44-2472 (YOSHIOKA Toshihiko)

Obirame is the name of fish live in the Shiribetsu River. And this fish is one of the largest, greatest, and rarest freshwater fish in Japan. The RED LIST of the Ministry of Environment (1999) calls this species "Endangered", and the HOKKAIDO RED LIST (2000) do "Critically Endangered".
We "OBIRAME NO KAI" are trying to increase the number of Obirame, becouse the local population of the Shiribetsu River is now faced to extinction. We have found some sources turn the fish to extinction, so recently we start some projects trying to refuse the sources.
Othere hand, our conservation biologists reserching the life histry of the Obirame discovered many important facts. For example, they proved that babies of Obirame can live only under very sharrow and calm water. It is very near area to the coasts, for example, it means that, in such habitat, they are very sensitive to the up-and-down motion of the water lebel.
Any motorboats include JETBOATs cannot run without making big waves after tails. And the big waves cannot reach coasts without attacking those habitats.
And the loud voices of moters may please passengers, but not for Obirame. It is certain that Obirame, not only baby but adult, is one of the most sensitive wildlife live in the river ecosystem.
We "OBIRAME NO KAI" strongly wish NO JETBOATs (and any kinds of moterboats) passage through all over the Shiribetsu River for Obirame.

August 27,2001